WELCOME to Jypsy Jenn's Creations! Nature has always been my savior. And these days with so many changes going on in this world I am learning to harness and work very closely with what nature is telling us. I am going to work the information from nature into creations and anchor in the transformational energies.

We all use natural magic all of the time, we have just forgotten it is magic. As we bring magic into our awareness more it strengthens our connection to it and to Mother Nature. We can help and transform these changes we are going through into positive actions which is really required these days.

My life is continually changing and I find I love to grab onto anything positive to help me through. My focus will be on Transformational Jewelry & other creations using elements of Copper, Fire, Silver, Crystals, Stones, Water, Pure Organic Oils and of course Natural Magic. All will be used in creations to awaken the Free Spirit.☮

I am also being guided to share my insights on Stillness, Meditation and Mastering of the Mind. The time is now to take our own power back and through those subjects you will do just that! As I grow I hope to introduce more ways of strengthening our connections to spirit and nature...And of course bringing through more Playfulness too!

Jypsy Jenn’s Fun, Playful and Bold Jewelry/Creations will be Unique Treasures. Everything will be cleared of old energy and ready for a new home. With your purchase you will receive directions on how to activate the healing properties & protection of your new goodies with your very own naturally high powers. Nothing greater than Self-Empowerment; that is the greatest Magic of All!

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